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Shepherd Landscaping

Leaf Removal & Gutter Cleaning Services

Leaf Removal & Gutter Cleaning Services

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At Shepherd's Landscaping, we proudly provide two distinct services to address your leaf management needs: leaf mulching and leaf removal. Leaf mulching involves precision mowing of leaves, transforming them into a finely shredded organic mulch and fertilizer that remains on your lawn.

Leaf removal

Our leaf removal service, on the other hand encompasses the thorough collection and removal of all leaves, ensuring a pristine and well-maintained landscape. Both services include blowing leaves out of landscape beds, tree surrounds, patios, walkways, and other areas.
  • Trust our professional approach to enhance the health and appearance of your outdoor space.

Gutter cleaning
  • Experience excellence in our gutter cleaning services, executed by either using machinery or handwork. Our machine gutter cleaning option offers a discounted rate, as leaves are efficiently blown out without collection. Alternatively, our hand-done cleaning ensures thorough debris collection.

  • Choose Shepherd's Landscaping for professional and tailored solutions to meet your gutter maintenance needs. Gutter cleaning is not only very dangerous, but it serves as a crucial investment in extending the lifespan of your gutters and safeguarding your property from potential damage.
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