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Shepherd Landscaping

Mulch & Rock Services

Mulch & Rock Services

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Enhance the charm of your property with our specialized mulch and rock installation services, customized for all residential  homes. While spring is a popular season for refreshing mulch or rock, our installation services are available throughout the year, with the exception of winter.

  1. Trust us to enhance your landscape beds with ground covers, ensuring a visually appealing and well-maintained exterior at any time.We advise customers to incorporate fresh mulch on an annual basis and to introduce new rock every two years.

  2. This practice not only ensures the ongoing health benefits of mulch for your bedded plants but also maintains the beauty and abundance of your landscaping beds throughout the entire season. Proper mulch installation is crucial to unlock its full benefits, making it highly advisable to entrust this task to us.

  3. Our fresh premium black mulch is our most popular and widely favored by our clientele. Additionally, our river rock stands as our best-selling option, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and durability for your landscaping needs.
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