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Shepherd Landscaping

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

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What's included?

We offer comprehensive lawn care services that go beyond just lawn mowing. By including string-trimming, edging, and debris cleanup, we provide a more thorough and polished look to your property. This service is available on a weekly or biweekly basis to accommodate your preferences and scheduling requirements. 
  • Our string-trimming targets areas that lawnmowers can't reach, such as around landscape beds and trees, which demonstrates our commitment to thoroughness. This ensures that every part of your lawn receives attention, promoting a consistent and well-maintained appearance.
  • Edging: Our edging consists of keeping lawn borders neat and tidy, which reinforces the attention to detail our lawn care service offers. Crisp and defined edges contribute to a professionally manicured look, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the property.
  • Blowing debris: This is the debris cleanup process,  which includes the removal of grass clippings and other lawn debris from driveways, sidewalks, and patios. This shows our commitment to leaving the entire property in pristine condition. This final touch adds to the overall cleanliness and visual appeal of the landscape.
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